Best Truck Stops in America

Best Truck Stops in America As a truck driver, finding good quality truck stops can make all the difference on your trips. A bad truck stop can make a bad day worse, and a great truck stop can bring a terrible day all the way back around. And with so many truck stops, over 2.000 according to the National Association of Truck Stop Operators, it can […]

How to Chain Up a Semi Truck

How to Chain Up a Semi Truck When truck driving in snowy and icy conditions, it may become necessary to put chains on your drive tires. It can be time-consuming, and if you don’t do winter driving very often, you might worry about missing steps. But we’ve got you covered with a full step-by-step outline as well as […]

Driving a Semi Truck in High Winds

Driving a Semi Truck in High Winds There are many factors that can make driving a semi more difficult or treacherous. Some may seem obvious, like snow and ice or winding mountain roads, but wind can play a significant role in dangerous driving conditions. High wind speeds have been known to flip semi trucks because of the high […]

How do truck drivers stay awake?

How do truck drivers stay awake? There are many tricks CDL drivers use to stay awake and combat fatigue on long drives, especially at night.  1. Consistent Sleep Schedule As a truck driver, you may not always be able to sleep on the same schedule you would at home. But if you try to keep your sleep schedule consistent, you […]

Truck Tire Problems to Avoid

Truck Tire Problems to Avoid Commercial vehicles have different needs than personal cars. Tire maintenance is critical to avoiding blowouts and flats as well as maximizing fuel economy. Long-haul truck drivers should inspect their trailer tires at least weekly and report any issues to their fleet maintenance team. Tire inspections should include checking inflation pressure, […]

Tips for Trucking at Night

Tips for Trucking at Night Long hours on the road can lead to fatigue and tiredness when truck driving. It’s important to stay alert while driving so you can keep yourself and other motorists safe while on the road. Driving while tired or sleepy is as dangerous as driving drunk. And it’s equally important to take precautions […]

Mountain Driving Tips

Mountain Driving Tips Encountering major grades is one of the most difficult things you will encounter as a truck driver. It is critical that all truck drivers know how to safely drive on mountain roads. Below are some good tips for new truck drivers or truckers who maybe have not had to navigate their big rigs through […]